Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy

After an injury, joints may lose some of their range-of-motion. Dr. Stoffel utilizes chiropractic manipulation or mobilization to aid in restoring normal function and motion. An adjustment may sometimes be accompanied by a "popping" noise. This is caused by the natural release of gas that has built up in the joint. Almost all joints can be mobilized or manipulated (including the neck, back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, feet, and even the jaw!)





Sports Injury and Rehabilitation

After an injury, the human body is fantastic at compromising to protect the affected area. In a perfect world, you rest, heal, and return to where you were pre-injury. This isn't always the case, sometimes the pain is present longer than it should be or the compromised movement pattern is still there. This is where rehabilitation comes into play! Functional rehabilitation addresses altered or dysfunctional movement and works to restore the proper mechanics. Rehab is a fantastic tool that is widely used, but seldomly enjoyed. Don't let this be you! Here at The Forge, we will work with you to identify areas of dysfunction and help you set attainable goals. Then, through a personalized rehab program, we will get you back to doing what you love!  


Movement Education

Whether you are trying to hit a new PR at the gym, perfect a shot, or just improve athletic performance overall, we can help you! Dr. Stoffel will use both his personal experience as a multifaceted athlete, and professional experience as an expert in biomechanics and human movement to aid you in any and all of your physical endeavors. 


Kinesiology and Dynamic tape are useful for restoring posture, decreasing swelling and inflammation, and can literally take a load off angry muscles. Kinesiology tape stimulates receptors in the skin which helps to decrease pain in the area. The tape also lifts the skin away from the muscles and fascia which promotes blood to the area to accelerate the healing process. Dynamic tape, made from recycled plastics, acts like a bungee cord taking some of the excess strain your body may have and passing it on to the tape. Unlike traditional athletic tape, these tapes are stretchy so that they still allow for movement instead of restricting it. Taping is a great additional service that we offer here at The Forge Chiropractic.


Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition and its principles are easy to understand, but can be very hard to execute. Everybody is taught the basic principles of weight loss, eat better foods and fewer calories, drink plenty of water, and exercise more. But the food and health industry tend to muddy the waters and we are bombarded with quick fix approaches, take this pill or that supplement, to lose weight. So we tend to do the next best thing in our mind - adhere to fad diets which rarely work in the end. It's time we get back to the basics! Dr. Stoffel will guide you through your nutrition journey and offer advice on what, when, how to eat. And he will offer tips and tricks to get you through any obstacles that may surface along your journey.